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Visiting the Red Sands of Utah


There were quite a few questions about my last trip, so I thought I would write a little bit about it if you ever want to check out some of the places we visited. Let me know if this is something you want more of!

We packed up our trailers and headed out to the beautiful state of Utah. Our stop for the last few days was Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. Our campsite had an accessible pull-through site with hook-ups, just no dump, a covered picnic table, and a fire pit. It had clean and easily accessible showers and restrooms. The only downfall, well, for the kids was that you could only get WIFI at the ranger station.

The campground has the dunes' entrance right on the property, so you don't have to go far at all for a nice sandy hike, riding your OHVs, or sandboarding! Also, just a note that OHV laws are slightly different from California, so check it out if you're not familiar.

If you don't have an OHV, you can go on an ATV tour or rent some sand boards from the ranger station. You can also buy some beginner snowboards or a cheap sled like we did here.

Keep in mind when traveling, your first and last day is usually spent driving and unpacking or packing up. You have to account for gas, bathroom breaks, and lunch, so it took us around 6 hours from our Los Angeles area with our number of kids.

On day 2, we went to see the Moqui Cave in Kanab, which the original family still owns. It has a pretty neat backstory, some artifacts, and of course, a little shop that the kids had to buy something.

We then went slightly down the road to see the human-made sand caves or Moqui caverns right off Highway 89. It had a steep little climb; it was doable for all of us and the little kids; even some dogs made it up. I suggest wearing some good gripping shoes and not worn out ones; you are climbing on sandstone! You can spend as little or as much time as needed up there. It has some fantastic views. We did notice, like most attractions, it was busier on the weekend.

Next, we ate at the Peekaboo Canyon Wood Fired Kitchen in Kanab. We had no idea it was a vegan/vegetarian restaurant; we just picked the only open that had indoor seating! It didn't disappoint, it was a neat little restaurant & everyone enjoyed their meals. I heard that the Kanab Creek Bakery is impressive too. We didn't get to try it; unfortunately, it was outdoor seating only (it started raining on us).

We didn't get as much hiking done as we would've liked due to the weather being all over the place. We knew our weather was always going to be cold, but it decided to keep us on our toes by adding a mix of rain and snow.

Day 3 & 4, we headed out to the dunes along with the dogs & they loved it!

Day 4 was our last little hike to see some dinosaur footprint fossils left high on top of a mountain called the Dinosaur Tracks Trail. The trail was a bit confusing, but we found our way., it was only about a mile long round trip, but it was a steady climb up. Our kids loved it, and in case you were wondering, the dogs did too! If you have little ones younger than 6ish it might be a bit difficult for them, so you might need to take more breaks along the way or carry them.

I want to add one last note about this place and why I will come back. The state park is in a great location. You are only 26 miles from Kanab and 33 miles from Zion with a ton of hikes surrounding you! Here are a few trails in Kanab that we didn't get to check out due to the weather through All Trails, I actually have this app downloaded for free! It tells you about all the hikes around you, difficulty, if they are dog friendly and so much more!

Here is some drone footage my husband captured!

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