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Dr. Gisette Uthoff

Advanced Mindset Psychological Services

I see you as resilient, hardy, and a fighter.


I can help you work on a variety of challenges, including reducing trauma due to death, a relationship betrayal by someone you I trusted or having experienced a horrific event. Sometimes clients do not realize they are experiencing trauma because they only associate trauma with war or extreme violence. However, experiencing a divorce, infidelity, or the loss of someone we love, for example, can be traumatic for many people.

I have worked with individuals who have suffered private trauma (infidelity), to the more public (Las Vegas shooting, San Bernardino Terrorist Attack, and LA active shooter). I practice highly effective, scientifically validated treatments such as EMDR and ACT. These therapy treatments are focused and effective, and clients share feeling healthier and happier within 4-6 sessions. Situated in practice with clinicians I respect creates a seamless transition for clients needing shifts in treatment or specialty focus.


Dr. Mike Uthoff

Advanced Mindset Psychological Services 

You deserve to live the highest quality of life.

Often times we try to heal from both emotional and mental pain by seeking out external factors that are rarely in our control only to see minimally lasting results. My work with you would focus on learning to look inwardly for growth and healing. Understanding how your body and mind respond to emotional experiences can help you be in control regardless of the external factors. You have everything you need to heal; you are not "broken" nor do you need "fixing"…sometimes we simply get lost along the way.

Trauma is frequently a factor in our emotional pain and often continues to impact our present behavior. As an EMDR-trained therapist, I will help you resolve past experiences by giving you the power to change how those experiences influence you, all in less time than traditional talk therapy.

My work includes extensive practice with individuals affected by large-scale traumas (Las Vegas shooting/San Bernardino terrorist attack) as well as people with personal traumas such as the death of a loved one, infidelity, and past childhood abuse (physical, sexual, and emotional).

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