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The New Years Weight Gain

If your anything like me I couldn't turn down a plate..or two...or three. I mean I couldn't be rude with all of the different dishes that were available, along with each different family members house I visited with my family. What would people think if I just stuck to the vegetable platter? Here are some quick tips of how I am making quick little changes to get back into action!

Well like many I didn't stick to the veggies (veggies are for the 11 other months right?!) , in fact I resorted to devouring all the sweets that surrounded me. I enjoyed myself so much so, that if I'm being honest, that my teeth actually hurt from all the sugar consumption! Gross I know. The holiday season is such a food trap, most of us are destined for weight gain. Unless your like my husband who eats everything in site and then has the nerve to tell me, well actually complain to me that he lost weight! Ugh! Men have it so easy! HaHa. Back to us "normal" people though we all know that during the holidays more than ever that every event is planned around and surrounded by food. Should we beat ourselves up for it, no, life happens. We should enjoy our time with family and friends and not beat ourselves up for every extra calorie eaten. However, are we paying for it now! Heck yes we are, the holidays are sitting on our left and right hip! So what do we do EVERY New Years?! Yup, make that lovely resolution of losing weight and then with in a short period of 2 to 4 weeks, that resolution fades away and put on the back burner because we have "other things" to do. So what is going to make this year any different? What are you going to do to stick to your plan, to put this on the top of your list and keep getting healthy a priority? Let's make it a journey together, you won't be alone, bring your kids and family with you! The bigger the support system the better! Here's some quick tips to get started! Stick with it, you will thank yourself for it!


Writing down your goals helps you stay in line for the week!

1.) Write your goal down!

Put it in a place where you will see it every day in the morning as a reminder and before you go to bed. Mine is on my nightstand, sometimes I even put it on my bathroom mirror using a post it or just a simple dry erase marker! Make it fun!

2.) Make a pre-set grocery list.

Keep in mind *need over want*. If you're a fast paced mom like me, there really is no need for oreos or other sweets on your list, you don't need them (if you don't bring (insert indulgent treat here) home then there is no way you are going to binge or overeat it!....and every drive through you go thru has a treat for the little ones. So with this list, keep in mind that sticking to items on the outside of the grocery area is usually a better choice..vegetables, fruits, and meats.

3.) Drink more water.

After breakfast try just sticking to water. It's amazing when you think about how easy it is drinking soda, and coffee, but taking those things out and replacing them with water can be such a battle. Water has so many benefits aside from weight loss, it flushes out toxins, hydrates your body, aids with headaches, improves mood, and helps treat fatigue to name a few.

Take a brisk 20 minute walk if youre not feeling the gym. Take in the scenery, fresh air and clear your mind!

4.) Workout.

Get Moving. This doesn't mean just weights, it could be a hike, playing in the park with the kids, taking a walk. Anything. No excuses here! Get your butt in gear people!

5.) Try to eat at home

Eating at home can save you from temptations but if that is not a option then at least bring some meals or snacks with you. One, it'll cut the need for fast food and the additional orders you don't need...or ordering more than what the kids will eat and then finishing it on your own. (Whaaaaat?) Oh yes I know that little trick? trap? It tends to be one of my bad habits too! No one wants good fries going to waste right? God forbid we throw away and waste fast food?! Really? If that is your way of thinking, what do you think is going to happen to the food you just bought at the grocery store? You're wasting it by buying fast food, and in turn you'll be throwing away healthy food! Stop the good food waste! Make eating out a once in awhile treat and not an every day ordeal!

The list can go on and on, and even more detailed. I will elaborate more as time goes on. This can be hard, frustrating, and difficult at times. Reaching a goal takes work. Work hard and the benefits will be worth it! Don't sell yourself short! Any quick tips that work for you? Let me know!

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