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"Trying to explain to others what you are going through when they have never experienced your pain is difficult. Educate the family & friends who love & support you through your journey.

A strong support system is a sanity saver!"

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The world is changed by examples not opinions.



I have been a 911 Police Dispatcher for 20 years & have been immersed in Law Enforcement my entire life. I have always known that the first responder culture within our departments needed change. I had that opinion, however, like many people, I relied on others to make the change. Not anymore the time to change is now. 


Tips, Tricks, Suggestions 


I am ready to dive in & share the knowledge  & the experiences of others & myself! We all have so much to offer & still so much to gain!  Do you have something to say? Let me know let's collaborate!

Microphone Sound Editing
Support & Businesses


I am so incredibly proud to offer some services to you! Inside you will find therapists that specialize with 1st responders, Fitness/Health Training, Policy & Procedure Memos, Podcasts & specialty shopping! 

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